Neat Desk is generally sold as a scanner/software combination. Speedy Organizer is a software available directly from Amazon for $48 and works with any scanner, digital copier and/or any file type. Speedy Organizer is an automated document filing allowing you to create as many digital file cabinets as you need.

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  • What is Speedy Organizer and why do I need it.

    The basic “filing rules” that were applied to your paper filing systems are very simple, but nevertheless extremely important. These same rules are absolutely needed in your digital document environment to ensure easy and fast access of all of your digital documents. Speedy Organizer automatically applies the “filing rules” to any digital documents that are being stored on the computer in windows file folders. As well as when they are being scanned in from paper originals. This process dramatically increases employee efficiency and significantly increases the speed by which business information flows thru your business. The result is all of your business transactions are completed more quickly, more efficiently and more cheaply. Allowing your business to do more transactions with far less resources. The ultimate result is doing more business with less cost, which equals greater profits.


  • Documents will be at your employees fingertips all of the time.

    Retrieving and searching for documents has never been easier or quicker than with Speedy Organizer - digital document management software. It ensures you will alwaysfind the document you need within a matter of seconds. It’s powerful “keyword search” function automatically prompts you for the necessary search criteria and you simply type in the required search characters needed to complete the search for any specific document(s). Employees can now have access to all their documents at their desk, all of the time. Significantly improving employee efficiency.

  • Distributing documents around the office and around the world for free.

    Once retrieved digital document(s) can now be immediately attached and emailed to any person(s) regardless of physical or geographic location worldwide. Documents can now be in front of your clients and suppliers in just a matter of minutes. Business transactions can now be completed much more quickly and efficiently, with a lot less effort. Very occasionally, for business reasons you may still be required to send a hard copy via regular mail or an overnight service. In which case you can optionally print and/or fax the document. This is all accomplished seamlessly from within the Speedy Organizer system directly.

  • It is critical if you want to scan documents.

    To manage digital documents requires the same fundamental filing disciplines that were needed to file and store your paper documents. Speedy Organizer can automatically catalog any and all of the different types of digital documents currently stored on your computer(s), as well as those being scanned in from paper originals. In a digital world it just becomes much easier, much faster and much more efficient to organize your business documents and the benefits are enormous.

  • Security has to be a priority.

    It is very important to have all your company’s critical documents be completely safe and secure. Speedy Organizer provides a higher level of security for your business documents, a level previously unattainable when managing paper documents. All documents once cataloged can be assigned an administrative and user ID. This ensures secure access of all or specific confidential or critical documents and provides a complete audit trail of who actually accessed a document, both when and from where. All of the security functions can be set up to conform with any existing standards that may already have been designated for your business.

  • Never lose a business.

    You will never lose a business document again. Speedy Organizer provides a higher level of backup and archival for all your business documents. A level previously unattainable when handling paper documents. All of the backup and archival functions can be set up to conform with any existing standards that may already have been designated for your business. Backup and archive will provide for duplication and copying of your documents thru a server or directly on to another designated PC or to a PC off-site at another location.

  • A complete solution for your entire organization regardless of size

    Speedy Organizer allows you the freedom and choice of where your documents can be stored, on your local computer, on a server, on a network storage device or anywhere in the cloud including Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive. Freedom and Choice are important and Speedy Organizer provides you the flexibility that you need to store your documents where you need.
    Speedy Organizer is easy to learn, simple to use.

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